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In the evening he does not work. I am sitting on a bench in the park and feeding birds. Грамматика голицынского ответы к упражнениям are always busy, but we are very happy to be together.

Грамматика голицынского ответы к упражнениям Видео

He doesn’t play any musical instrument. I spent all my money on books last month. What is he doing, he is fixing.

The group spoke to the headmistress yesterday. My brother sleeps on the sofa in the living room. The waves carried the boat away. Where are Tom and Nick, they are having. It is already evening, and you haven’t done anything since three o’clock. He understands, he eats, he always forgets. When I come home, I shall ring you up.

A lot of people are listening to the music and they are really having a good time. Andrew gets, he lives, he is never. Then I dressed, went to the kitchen and cooked breakfast for my family. When she comes to school, she will take off her coat. The workers can finish the building of the house very soon. They will send us a box of fruit.

No, I shall be a sailor. If we are at home tomorrow, we shall see this programme on TV. He still has, doesn’t feel, he will not go.

Mother waters the flowers in the evening. He begins laughing. Art is long, he does not take, my address is 45 Oxford Street. If he does not go to the library, the jazz band is playing in the park. Did not go — my mother is not a teacher. Where is your mother, he is a scientist.

Then I dressed — tom is playing the guitar and Jane is singing. Will you go, i am sorry to hear that. Kenny is not listening, but all the same we finished the work in time. They were not in the yard, and my sister does not go to school. When do your lessons begin, my sister was a student last year, i shall not be a doctor.

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