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He hoped you would often visit him. My friend will be helped with German. Strict discipline will be insisted on. She is still writing a голицынский ответы 273 to her grandmother.

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He is still writing his new book. I was ordered a month’s rest from studying. All my money was spent on books last month. She was not invited to the party. He will be sent to Harvard. Jim was sent for and told to prepare a report on that subject. Luckily, the rain had stopped when we came out.

New children’s books were being sold in that shop when I entered it yesterday. She cleaned and aired the room. Did you think we should pick all the apples in three days? The books will be brought tomorrow.

He told, no one came, I could, he had reserved. 8, Every morning I give the cat milk. I looked, it was raining, you will get, you go, I won’t, I shall take, we have, I wanted, I found, there was, they all were, I took, carried, I went, it was still raining, I went, sat, a young woman came, sat, I had finished, was, I absent-mindedly took, started, she stopped, I had taken, I returned, I went, took, got, I had met, was riding, she saw, she said, you have had, haven’t you. I think that she will be sleeping at this time. I don’t think all the preparations will be finished today. We are often remembered in the village. Have you ever been, I was.

I have been waiting, I have not received. Last year she was sent to Cambridge. What are you reading, I am reading, how long have you been reading, I have been reading. The performance had already begun, they had, the first act was, Nina had never been, she liked.

I shall be doing, they have been rehearsing this scene for three hours already. I shall have done, i shall not go, at twelve o’clock the trucks were being loaded. I hoped we should enjoy the show. Grandfather has been watching TV since six o’clock.

Five minutes had not passed, the new skates will be bought tomorrow. I have not yet read it, jim was sent for and told to prepare a report on that subject. His friends had flown, he has already been solving this problem for half an hour. They have already washed, i shall be watching.

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